Leonard's Gate

Rotary Announces Leonard’s Gate Partnership


During March 2017, the Rotary Club of Sussex announced that they would be partnering with the Town of Sussex in the next phase of Leonard’s Gate and that they would be contributing $85,000.00 over three years to help make this project a reality.

On Mar. 24, 2017, the following article appeared in the Telegraph-Journal describing the project and the importance to the downtown.



Who was Leonard of Leonard’s Gate?


Leonard’s Gate 2018 Commencement

On Mar. 28, 2019, Rotarian Jason Thorne sent President Lisa Brown the following email and the above picture. On this date, two sections of the roof had been installed. Pictured in the background is John Dysart’s Ltd. crane which was used to lift the roofs in place.

Hi Lisa,

If you’ve not seen it already. The Rotary logo will be installed along with the finishing touches after the main structure is up.

Please share with the club.




In the above picture, Kings County Mechanical can be seen on sight during the same day fastening the roof structure in place. Picture courtesy of Kings County Mechanical.

The roof was built in sections at Kings County Mechanical’s shop and transported to the site by trailer in sections.


Kings County Record Leonard’s Gate Update

On Mar. 27, 2018, the article below appeared in the Kings County Record giving an excellent story on Leonard’s Gate construction progress. Thanks, Tammy Scott-Wallace and Tiffany Lewis!