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We meet In Person
Mondays at 12:15 PM
PO Box 7004
Sussex Corner, NB E4E 5M3
Meetings at All Seasons Restaurant
Trip Draw - This Month's Winners!
Winners for June 2023!
1st Prize - Trip! Arin Thompson/Craig Little
2nd - $500 Cash
Judy Mitton/Colleen Piers
3rd - $200 Cash Amanda Bettle
4th - $150 Cash
Kathy Holloway
5th - $100 Cash
Roberta & Jamie Schiedel

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Trip Draw - What is it and how do I get involved?

The Sussex Rotary Trip Draw is an annual fundraiser to raise proceeds for local and global initiatives to improve our community.
Tickets are sold from mid-December and draws begin on the first of March of the calendar year. On the first day of every month after that, another randomly selected set of tickets is drawn, producing five winners:
  • First place winners win a travel certificate with a retail value of $3200 towards any trip you plan with the assistance of the experienced staff at Maritime Travel! Winners of the first place prize also have the option to accept a cash prize of $2500 in place of the $3200 travel certificate.
  • 2nd place winners receive a $500 cash prize!
  • 3rd place winners receive a $200 cash prize!
  • 4th place winners receive a $150 cash prize!
  • 5th place winners receive a $100 cash prize!


To make the winning even better, only 1st place winners are excluded from the remaining draws that year, and the 2nd through 5th place winners go back in the drum for a chance to win again!

And to get it all started a little early, we hold an early-bird bonus draw each year with the winner receiving an easy $1000!

Sussex Rotary Trip Draw winners are publicized monthly here at our website, our Facebook page and with the generous support of:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to Contact Us
Trip Draw - Monthly Winners 2023/24

May 2023

1st Prize - Trip! John McNair
2nd - $500 Cash
Roberta & Jamie Schiedel
3rd - $200 Cash John DeWinter
4th - $150 Cash
Melissa Honour
5th - $100 Cash
Wendy Wiliams

April 2023

1st Prize - Trip! Aaron Cummings & Candice Keys
2nd - $500 Cash
Kelly & Rick Kyle
3rd - $200 Cash Colleen DeWinter
4th - $150 Cash
Steve Sharp & Valerie Sharp
5th - $100 Cash
Ron Bustard

March 2023

1st Prize - Trip! Alex Coffin
2nd - $500 Cash
Nikki & Shane McConchie
3rd - $200 Cash Barbara Webster
4th - $150 Cash
Ann Taylor
5th - $100 Cash
Doug & Dale Pearson

February 2023

1st Prize - Trip! Barrett & Jodie Black
2nd - $500 Cash
Sandy & Bonnie Brake
3rd - $200 Cash Tim & Rhoda Wilson
4th - $150 Cash
John MacKinnon
5th - $100 Cash
Barry Reicker
Early Bird Cheryl Currie

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